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The book

What happens when you take Buddy, a city kid with an attitude, add his cousin, Jason, a patient and knowledgeable young angler, rig them together with Uncle Joel, a seasoned  Old Salt, and cast them into the sunny setting of the Florida Keys, the fishing capital of the world? The first how-to fishing story for kids with the challenge of conservation, the excitement of saltwater fishing, and plenty of adventure to whet the appetite for angling no matter where the fish bite!

Wherever you fish, a great introduction for any young angler to:

  • Spin, plug and fly tackle
  • How to rig a rod
  • Fishing & boating safety
  • Striking, fighting & releasing fish
  • Conservation
  • Launching a boat
  • Motors
  • Tying knots
  • Sportsmanship
  • How to tie flies
"Jacky Robinson has done an outstanding job in blending the technical accuracies of fishing and the Florida outdoor experience into an interesting and fast moving story. This is certainly the type of book that kids should read. It's tailored to foster an interest in fishing and accomplishes its mission skillfully. I wish this book would have been on the shelves when my boys were growing up. You can be sure they each would have had their own copy. "                                                                                                    —  Mark Sosin

A book that will get your child hooked on reading.